The Team


Abby Baumbach

Abby loves following Christ because, “It’s an adventure, never knowing where God will take me next.”  Joining Campus Ambassadors in 2009, she entered into the ride of a lifetime, as she calls campus ministry.

A Denver native, Abby has worked at schools along the front range.

“I love working with students. I love helping students discover how God not only fits into the picture, but how He wants to be the center of their life. I love their passion, their desire to create change in the world around them, and seeing them realize the positive impact they can have on the world through Christ.”


Josh Black

Josh received his doctorate in chemistry at the University of Denver. He has served with or supported CA ministries for over 10 years in the front range area. Josh loves being a Christian because Jesus inspires him to serve his fellow man and find the optimistic side of life. He finds the Christian worldview coherent, consistent, and compassionate. He enjoys sharing the gospel with students because the gospel can impart so much good in a person’s life.



Jordan O’RearJordan Headshot

Jordan is passionate about living life with others and getting to know them on a deeper level.

“It’s so rewarding being able to see each individual’s journey with Christ and to come alongside them throughout that process. Being part of this ministry provides a wonderful opportunity to encourage and build one another up.”


Kate PatersonKate Headshot



Sydney Harmon